Thursday, September 10, 2015

My decent into Kpop

Maybe decent isn't the right sounds more ominous than I intend. Those of you already in the Kpop world know how much it sucks you in and takes up your life- there is so much on the Internet to read, see, watch, and listen to. Kpop isn't about "Oh, I like that song," it ends up being, "Oh, I'm obsessed with that group." And I'm not sayin' it's a bad thing.

Today I want to talk about my favorite groups, how I found them, who my biases are; basically summaries. Why do I want to do this? Because I do. And its my blog. So I can. Plus, it's a good excuse to look up cute guys on the Interwebs. I might do longer posts on each group, or a few of the groups, later. This is just a quickie.

Where to start....let's start at the beginning....

EXO- I still call them "E-X-O" even though I know it's pronounced "X-O" because they say "E-X-O" in their songs. Way to confuse me boys. Now, I would not consider myself an EXO-L exactly, but they are the group that was my gateway into Kpop and therefore they hold a special place in my heart.

My first encounter with Kpop was watching a "YouTubers react" video. I was really into watching anything on YouTube with Dan and Phil and the video linked above had them in it. They wateched Overdose as one of their videos and I thought "Forget Dan and Phil, look at those Asian boys dance!" I went and watched their video and the other MVs in the "react" video and I was caught- hook, line, and sinker.
Um, they are all winking, I'm having a hard time telling them apart. Baekhyn is the 2nd from the left, Sehun is next to him, half blond, D.O. is 2 people over bending down. One of them is named Kris! That's all I know, sorry. 

Now originally there were 12 of them, though I think there are only 10 now. Anyway, I haven't learned their names yet, though I do recognize a few, mostly from the show EXO Next Door (which I would recommend to any Kdrama/Kpop fan!). I can always pick out D.O. and Sehun, and my bias, if I had to choose, is Baekhyun:

Adorable, pouty-mouth guys get me every time. I like most of their music, I love to watch them dance, and via Pinterest I am getting to know them a tad bit better, but they are not my favorite group. I love them, don't get me wrong, they just aren't in my top ranks. But, like I said before, they were my gateway drug and therefore they hold a special spot in my heart, always.

Next up will be a group that will always be in my heart, whether it's each individual member going solo, the trio, or all five. They are the group that brought me and my best friend together, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I could watch videos of these boys all day long and never get bored.
Double S will always be number 1 in my heart. They are my five boys, the ones that drew me in even deeper after EXO showed me how amazing it all was. They brought the heart to the table, you could see their struggles and triumphs and interpersonal relationships through all the shows they were on. I've watched "Thanks for waking/raising me up" at least four times. Some of my favorite quotes are from those episodes. That's where I fell in love with Park Jung Min, watching those shows. 

PJM, Baby Boy, YS, Kyu, KHJ
This picture is how I will always see them, cute young boys, gooftards in their own right, wanting to take on the world and be awesome performers. It's really difficult for me to express in words how much this group means to me. The 3 of them having a come back next year is super exciting, but I'm still holding out for a 5 man comeback eventually. Baby Boy needs to get his ass into the army so he can get his ass out sooner rather than later.

My bias in life is Kim Hyun Joong, so we don't count him anymore. He's always number one, the best looking man God put on Earth. Therefore, I consider Park Jung Min to be my "bias." Though some days Kyu sneaks in there and topples the whole thing over, because...damn he looks good in "UR Man".

My bias duo, most days
What can I say about BTS? They are my favoritest group of guys after Double S. I mean, at work, when I talk about "my boys" my friends all know I mean BTS. I love each one of them and I can't get enough videos of them. I love that they goof around and act like fools most of the time, but you know they get down to business when it's time because their dancing is so tight. I know you could put any two of them in a room together and they would create mayhem and fun, they are all brothers like that. They do a lot for their fans and seem to genuinely appreciate them. 

BTS is super young, and mostly I really just want to hang out with them, take care of them, and protect them from all the crazy people in the world. I'm too old to date any of them in reality, I really just want to be their "noona" and hug them and play with them. They would be so fun to goof around with. This was  my first video where I figured out how much I liked them. Since then, I probably watch at least 3 BTS videos a day, if not a whole lot more. I could watch them all day, every day. 

That being said, Suga and JHope I always say are my biases...
Suga n JHope
Mostly because my actual bias is too young to be my bias...though he's like 20 in Korea this year so I'm ok calling him my bias now...

Jungkook- aka Kookie
Yes, I know he still looks young, but come on...

Can you blame me for being a little smitten? And then, of course, there's nothing cuter than a sleeping Kookie...

But I tell you, overall, it's tough picking a bias in BTS. I really, truly, love all 7 of them. And you just lost me for 20 minutes while I went on a BTS gif search which loaded up my computer with more gifs, but I'm only going to share a few here that I found...

Really, from V always being a doof, to JHope making me laugh, to Jin trying to be bad ass but barely pulling off tough, I love them all for their own individual quirks. I don't have a bad thing to say about one of them.

And I like their music. A big chunk of my iPod is dedicated to them.

Now here is where it gets dicey. I love a lot of Kpop groups. I consider myself part of many fandoms. Double SS and BTS are probably tied as my #1s. I also have tied #2s. I can't choose between them. I'm trying to right now, and I can't. So we'll go alphabetical order...

BAP- they dominate my playlists lately. 1004 (Angel) is my favorite song at the moment and I don't see it being bumped from that spot for a long time. I was reluctant to get into BAP a few months ago because of the fact that I wasn't sure they were going to be a group much longer. After they reached their agreement with TS, I dived head in- but only because my best friend pushed me. 

The way I learn names of the Kpop groups is by watching them on variety shows. Weekly Idol is probably the best one for this, especially if they've been on multiple times. So I watched BAP on Weekly Idol and found myself falling in love with them. How cute are they?

Coma was my first song by BAP that I liked, and I loved and hated certain parts of the song. I thought for sure I'd dislike Zelo and love Daehyun based on vocals and the 1 time I watched One Shot. Too my surprise, I completely fell in love with YongGuk (to the point he is my Ultimate Bias) and Zelo has become the little brother I want to protect and take care of because he is so freakin' precious.

I mean, he's just a baby! Someone has to look out for him!

So, yeah, BAP has quickly become one of my favorites. There is not enough of them out there on YouTube and the Internet. I am hoping they are working hard on their comeback because I need some BAP in my life. Again, I love all six of them, not to the extent I love my BTS boys, but still they're up there in my heart. And of sexy husband...

Bang Yong Guk

Dat smile tho!

I tell my best friend every day that she ruined me. She made me like this BAP group and this man has ruined me. I love him more than I can say. I don't know why, it snuck up on me, out of the blue, but I tell ya...the feels he gives me when I see him...

This is one of my favorite pictures of him.


Sing it, Babe. Or rap it, as the case may be.

You're killing me!

Alright. I tired myself out. The rest of my groups will have to wait for another day. Yep, you have to wait to find out who my second #2 group is! Muwahwhaha. 

Not that anyone is reading this blog.


Goodnight all.

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