Sunday, October 4, 2015

More Kpop groups

Summary so far:

  • EXO was my first Kpop group, but they are not my favorite group~ however, they always hold a special place in my heart and I do appreciate those boys and the corner of Tumblr and Pinterest dedicated to them.
  • SS501 was my next group and will always be #1 in my heart
  • But if you ask me BTS is my favorite group. Those boys are some of my favorite people that exist.
  • BAP is considered my second favorite group, even though it contains my ultimate bias, my favorite singer in the world, and they sing my favorite song. Go figure.

So now....I said I have a second favorite second favorite group....who could it be???

My OTHER second favorite group is Infinite. 

My first real introduction to them was stumbling across this music video, which isn't all of Infinite at all but sung by Sunggyu solo. I love this song, I love this video. It made me feel the feels. However, when I downloaded it from iTunes, it was only available in the whole group Infinite version. Which I then fell in love with.

This progressed to watching the "Back" MV and then Weekly Idol episodes where they proceeded to pick on Sunggyu mercilessly. Which I found hilarious. Also, this episode of Running Man. I discovered that Sunggyu was my favorite singer, and he held that spot for a long time (until I discovered Daehyun who has blown everyone out of the water). He is still my second favorite voice to listen to and I own all his solo albums. 

He is still considered to be one of the cutest nerds to ever nerd:

And once you fall in love with one, the others kind of fall in line. L has always been my second favorite of the group, but watching High School Love On made me develop a crush on Woohyun and Sungyeol. Then I started listening to more and more of their music and realized I really liked all of it. Their music videos are always spectacular. I think they're a great group of kids, not goof-tards like BTS, but still fun in their own right.

Therefore, I'm a Infinite fan girl, for real. Inspirit for sure. And Paradise is my 3rd favoritest song ever. That dance practice video is one of my go-tos on YouTube when I need to watch something awesome. 

Hey Infinite- it's not a world tour if you don't come to America....let's get on that, ok?

After that, all my groups kind of blend into #3. I can't really rank after that. I like so many, for so many reasons, that it's hard to define who I like "better." I can rank the previous groups (in double spots) but everyone after is like a blur of love and feels.

I'm going to list a few, in no particular order:


These adorkable guys were a complete accident. SS501 talked about them a lot and I was like, "Who is the Shinhwa group I keep hearing about?" So I looked... and here we are. Running Man helped me fall in love with them, but since I've watched about everyone on YouTube with these boys I can't help but love them more and more. I was a JunJin girl, but after it's all said and done, Eric and his hugs have made me a die hard Eric girl. And this is one of my favorite videos on the interwebs. 

Taking turns being my bias...

If I had typed this a few weeks ago this group wouldn't have even debuted yet. I am a huge fan of JYP for various reasons and I like to support his groups on general prinicple. Got7 will be mentioned later and 2PM, while not on this list, is a group I like, Day6 has blasted them out of the water. I downloaded the whole album and I listen to it on repeat when I'm at school waiting for class to start and/or between classes. I love all six songs. Jae and his hashtags on Instagram and Twitter make me smile regularly. Sungjin is a more grown up version of Jungkookie! And the talent...the boys can sing! Congratulations is a fantastic song, but Colors is by far the best on the album. But they're all good! Day6, man, go check them out. They are all freakin' adorbs.

Youngk you aren't even my bias, stop it now.

Ok, that's all I got in my today. Working on being sick so I need to do this in chunks. Again, I think I am posting this for just myself...and that's okay. I am having fun doing it. It was amazing because as I typed this, Infinite was playing on my shuffled playlist, followed by Shinhwa...they knew I was typing about them, hehe. 

I have a few more groups I want to talk about. I will talk about them later. Until, enjoy your days, listen to kpop because it's awesome and will always make your day better.

I will do more drama reviews...when I have time to finish the dramas I've started!!!

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